birdseed banana bread

egg rice with broccoli bits
back-to-school teff porridge
blueberry beet bowl

Cakes Pies & Tarts
blueberry perfect pie 
outrageous orange cake
apple and date hand pies
dark chocolate hazelnut tart with top secret cranberry jam
5-spice coconut carrot babycakes
ra-raw raspberry rhubarb tart

Cookies & Bars
killer crunch bars
miso peanut butter balls
super salty peanut butter potato chip cookies
matcha martian brownie bars
cowboy cookies
sesame sumac sweets

Dreamy Drinks
brazil nut golden milk, poured into a parfait 
wondrous weekly walnut milk

Fish & Seafood
midsummer salmon, strawberry salsa, coconut cauliflower rice

Meats & Mains
skillet pork chops, hot and cold blueberry salsa 
curried chicken salad in the hamptons
basic b bolognese (with sunflower seaweed crumble)
buckwheat blood pudding with spiced apple compote 
produce drawer pesto bowl
bangin beef bone broth (with accoutrements)

Sauces, salads & sides
blueberry beet 'n bacon broccoli salad 
sick day sweet potato noodles 
an in-between broccoli and butternut salad (with miso-turmeric dressing)
beetroot muhammara (beetroot walnut dip)
wintry citrus salad with ginger hibiscus syrup
butternut squash gratin with cashew cream and kale pesto
autumn underground vegetable bowl
super green summer curry with zucchini noodles
super green tahini sauce
paul berglund's potato salad

Super Snacks
coconut cardamom pistachio bombs
magical maple balls
matcha pistachio date balls

Sweet treats
summer strawberry soup
chocolate blood panna cotta
raspberry-coconut freezer fudge